Our Story

Buckshot Vineyard is a family operated and owned winery located in Heathcote, Australia. Founded by Rob & Meegan Peebles in 1999, Rob’s 20 plus year’s wine industry experience, combined with a passion for Heathcote reds fuelled their decision to establish their unique boutique Heathcote winery.
“Our family fell in love with the Heathcote region over 30 years ago and recognised its unique soil and climate as ideal for growing Shiraz and Primitivo vines”

“Buckshot soils”is a colonial expression describing the 500 million year old Cambrian quartz and ironstone pebbles that riddle the vineyard soil.
Grape vines in buckshot soils enjoy excellent root penetration and water retention while promoting good drainage. Buckshot soils, along with Heathcote’s low rainfall, warm days and cool nights provide the perfect environment for shiraz and primitivo vines.

We strive to create distinctive Heathcote reds that reflect the ancient soil. Our wines show intense varietal aromas and flavours, balanced weight, mouthfeel with a long silky finish.